What if Money Was No Object? – Alan Watts

This video really inspired and changed my outlook on both my work and life in general.

Its amazing to see and hear how much people stress and worry about money, how much they earn, finding a job that will pay the bills or not spending because they’re worried about how much money they’ll have for the next day.

It’s funny now that i think about it….. yes i was in that same situation and it messed me up to the point that i wouldn’t go out unless there was a good reason to, and i would take the bus everywhere… and i mean EVERYWHERE!

East london to uxbridge…. Yeah …. thats one looong ass bus ride!

It annoyed me when people would tell me “you need a job” “give out your cv” an all that jazz, but i knew within myself i didn’t belong in an office or retail environment and thats what i’d tell them… after all i’m not that type of person.

When i stopped listening to other peoples opinions of what i needed to do with my life i started asking myself, “what do i want to do?” (Over the roar of my stomach) 

I took money out of the equation and started doing me, from then i found myself.

I was a lot happier and it showed in my work which lead to others wanting to hire and work with me! PROBLEMO SOLVO!!!

Don’t  get me wrong, Im not rich! Faaaaaaar from it (One day…One day soon!) but the main thing is i’m happy because: A, Im getting paid to do a job i love and B, not many people can say that… can you??

In summary, yes money is important but don’t let it rule your life or stop you from doing what you love!

Work hard to reach your goals, do what you want and don’t let others put you off your dreams or they’ll stay as they are….just dreams.

(Morgan Freeman Voice)

“Do as I do, let your dreams become reality”

“I am the camera man….thank you for reading”


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