About The Man

From Jumping from one profession to another, self taught videographer K.Daniel (also known as K.i.) aims to make a mark on the media industry by striving to create visual content that breaks away from typical Uk Videography.
With a passion for the Arts, k.i. ventured from graphic design, media production, music production, radio presenting, videography, photography, carnival drumming, and sports but found a permanent love for videography and photography.
Starting off as a “Jack of all trades” K.i.  acquired skills from different creative professions but some way or another film and photography always stood in the forefront of his vision therefore pursuing it further, It was destiny.
Having been inspired by a group of American videographers YAK Films, he joined the London collective, and started an ongoing project by filming dance concept videos that is still ongoing today. See links.

Since then K.I has expertise in filming live performances, radio shows, fashion shows, music videos, and promotional videos, and intends to endeavor in short films, and eventually feature length films, without a doubt but this will be achieved with the greatest of skill.
With a creative mind set and the ability to ‘see outside the box’ K.I has produced projects that have left people wanting more.  His creative eye and skill enables him to catch timeless moments in his photography and filming.


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