ComicCon 2013!!

Comic Con…


(Dramatic Pause)


The Costumes, The Stalls, The Games, THE EVERYTHING.. Just just.. AMAZING!!

Im soo Happy! *sniff* (Emotional Halle Berry Oscar Voice)

I’m soo going in costume next time, i felt kinda left out seeing everyone in costumes from a load of games that i’ve played or seen… as well as anime and movies that i watch!

I felt kinda normal… I don’t like it…. Pineapples. (Kevin Hart… nuff said)

I even saw a classic ghost busters costume, which looked AWSOME!! Including lights and sound! (Suitable for ages 5 and up, includes small parts)

I got as many pictures as i could, when i wasn’t giggling like a fan girl.

The full gallery will be up soon on my facebook page so look out for it!!

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